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Blest Performance Solutions provides a team of experienced facilitators & coaching professionals who deliver a proven coaching process and methodology. Our highly skilled coaches and consultants are well versed in a wide variety of assessment tools and techniques to best meet your needs.

We know what it takes to build, lead and sustain strong results-driven organizations. Together we have over 40 years of first hand knowledge and experience to provide solutions to the challenges that business professionals, senior leaders and organizations face.

Darren Bell

has served in many positions within Corporate America and his community in the past 25 years.  His background and past experience in Multi-Media advertising, Marketing & Corporate & Retail Sales are extensive and include the following positions - inside and outside sales consultant, District Sales Manager, Sales Performance Manager, General Sales manager, Initial Sales Trainer, Regional Sales Trainer and Management Sales Trainer.  

His community involvement includes being an active member with his Church Marriage Ministry, Fraternity and other business groups, along with County Youth Coach in Anne Arundel County, MD;  Howard County, MD and Burlington County, NJ.

Darren’s passion for success, commitment to excellence and dedication to making positive changes for others is his personal formula for happiness! He has been recognized and awarded numerous Top Sales, Leadership, Teamwork, Quality and Sportsmanship Awards in both his professional and personal careers.  Darren’s coaching philosophy of “telling, showing, observing, feedback and repetition” has been his focal point in leading others to success!

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Derick Gilliam

has been a major contributor for many top fortune 500 companies for the past 20 years in several capacities, ranging from senior level leadership in the areas of Marketing and Business Development, to C-level client facing for Market Share Forecasting, Market Management and Solution Based Planning. Adept in building, implementing and cultivating effective organization strategies allowing companies to attain unrealized revenue growth benchmarks and potential. Has lead teams within organizations where he was responsible for analyzing market growth trends on a local, regional and national scale, while ensuring team development in the areas of relationship building, time management, coaching and motivation. He is passionate about helping businesses and owner operators grow and find success.

His primary community interest is centered on uplifting the youth through mentoring and coaching athletics, currently through the Boys and Girls Club of America. He believes that pouring back into young people is vital for the advancement of our society. He's held leadership positions in the mentoring ministry at his church, while also coaching football, baseball, and basketball at all youth levels in an effort to impact change at the core of our youth. Additionally, he works with his fraternity in a variety of youth leadership development projects. Using these platforms allows Derick to assist our youth in a developing self-confidence, managing negatives, having integrity, disturbing complacency, and suspending disbelief and to expect success.

Derick has been recognized both professionally and personally for his diligent work and continues to strive towards the mark of empowering others to achieve what they define as life changing success.

BLEST Consulting’s mission is to partner with organizations and individuals who want to align their vision and mission to find, measure and achieve life-changing success!  We will provide unparalleled client care, process development, training, coaching, and mentorship providing clients with improved results organizationally, professionally and personally. 

BLEST Consulting’s core values are honesty, trust, disclosure and ethical practices at all times while also providing an internal environment that promotes innovation, teamwork and collaboration underwrites our mission.

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