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Beyond Customer Service – Creating Customer Loyalty - This workshop will take you beyond the typical scripted interaction with a customer, and past the everyday policies and systems you are involved in as a service provider with your organization. This process will help you discover how to create loyal customers by exceeding their expectations.


Individuals will develop the necessary skills and attitudes to help them personally and emotionally connect with their customers. They will understand the strategic importance and their role in exceeding the needs of their internal and external customers.

Customer Loyalty
workshop includes:

  • Defining Exceptional Customer Service
  • How does your organization define a customer?
  • Why is Customer Service not good enough anymore as it relates to business success?
  • What are the 3 key components of developing Customer Loyalty?
  • Effective methods to build strong relationships through trust.
  • Define points of connection.
  • Discovering 6 dimensions of emotional competence
  • The importance of Listening, being patient & understanding, feeling empowered and having a Great ATTITUDE!

Who Should Attend?

Individuals who want to embark on an exciting path of personal growth and positive contributions to their organization.

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