How Do We Help People?

In order for you to become what you’re capable of becoming and succeed on your own terms, there are really three factors involved. One is attitude development. Another is interpersonal skill, and the third is goals achievement.

Ultimately, we specialize in helping you obtain IMPROVED RESULTS or success however you define it!  We know that improved results are a by-product of a couple of important factors.  First is a positive attitude towards your work and home environments.  We help to stimulate your attitude to get you thinking in basic terms of your potential!  We then enhance your management & human relations skills because that will directly affect your confidence.  This confidence enhances your ability to communicate more effectively, make decisions more strategically, and manage people, time and projects to ensure success of your goals. We have taken goal setting and used it as a tool to force you to put together a plan, a road map for your life that will take you from where you are now to where you want to go.


How Do We Help Organizations?

Today the challenges facing organizations are very different from just 5 years ago.  Organizations have to be concerned with much more than just producing satisfied customers.  The key to business sustainability is in producing a willing, prepared and trained workforce.  This only happens when strategic intent, structure, processes, rewards systems and PEOPLE are aligned. This alignment produces loyal internal customers, which ultimately produce loyal customers.

Small business owners and C Level executives alike are constantly searching for PERFORMANCE SOLUTIONS to enhance their enterprise workforce development challenges by uniting people (talent) with operations (management & processes). 

At BLEST CONSULTING, we believe:

  • People are an organization’s greatest commodity
  • Training is basically teaching someone a new set of skills. Development is getting them to use their skills more often and more effectively. 

We’re not a training company; we’re a development company!
The differences we bring to the performance solutions table are these 3 values:


Strategic Thinking
Proven Processes Reinforced by Proven Tools
  • Connectivity

We are trying to create a triple win for you personally, you professionally and the organization that you are affiliated with. On the professional side we will ask you to evaluate yourself and set goals in how you manage people, how you manage time, and what it means for you to be personally productive in your position and not just busy. On the personal side, we suggest you take a look at six areas: Financial/Career, Family, Mental, Social, Physical, and Ethics and Beliefs Development. The whole idea is that as you become even more competent professionally, the organization should get even better results.


  • Management Consulting

  • Executive Coaching & Strategic Planning

  • Process Improvement including Quality & Cycle Time Reduction

  • Sales Team Training & Coaching

  • Sales Process Implementation including Marketing

  • Small Business Consulting

  • Organizational Diagnostics

  • Performance Appraisal Assessments

  • Sustainability Consulting

  • Needs Analysis

  • Strategy & Execution
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Youth Leadership Development


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